It’s Rocker Time!

Have you gotten your Rockers ready???

February is the month of Rocking Chairs in the Moose Fraternity. Every lodge and chapter is gearing up to sell their rockers for the Mooseheart/Moosehaven Endowment Fund !

For a small donation, you can be a part of a massive fundraising campaign to benefit Moose Charities. Many lodges and chapters compete in a friendly challenge of who can do better at raising money. Others just go straight out of the box to raise the money. The question is do our members know why we are selling rocking chairs? Do they know what the endowment fund is? Why is it so important?

Every once in a while, we have to take a step back and educate not only ourselves but our members as well. Moose Charities primary goal is to provide the resources needed to support and maintain Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Moose Charities was founded in 1994 and was approved for operation in 2000 as a registered 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Moose Charities is thought of as the non-profit, fundraising arm of Moose International. Moose Charities secures funding from Moose Members and friends through periodic direct mailings , company match gifting programs, tribute contributions and other giving opportunities.

Twice yearly, Moose Charities holds a fraternal fundraiser. The first in February is the Rocking Chairs and the second is in October with the Cradles. Simply selling a slip of paper with a rocking chair on it and displaying in your lodge home is very basic. Let’s take the time to educate our fellow members a little—they be more inclined to purchase more! 

(In Waldport Moose Lodge, the Rocking Chair Slip are easily purchased from either the bartender, , the cashiers during dinner nights, or any designated officer/member of the lodge! )

Original Transcript Credits:
Ms Cathy Rossi, Virginia Moose District 4; Published January 28th, 2020

Mark you calendar friends!
The Biggest Party on the Central Oregon Coast is happening on Sunday, 02/02/2020 #Palindrome  #LuckyDate 

The Waldport Moose Lodge’s Annual Chili Cook-Off & Super Bowl LIV (54) Potluck Party!

The  Chili Cook-Off 2020 is 12-3pm – open to the public, and Super Bowl LIV Potluck Party starts at 3pm till game ends starts! Non-members guests will be signed-in.

We’re definitely excited for all the Chili Entries who may end up getting all the hot, awesome & fabulous medals and prizes, and the famous Golden Ladle for the Champ, and especial prize for the People’s Choice Award. So if you think your amazing chili dish could make the cut, please either:
• email, write in Subject: Chili Cook Off 2020, OR
• text 541.961.3815 with your name & email address, OR
• comment below this with your email address

We will then, either email/message you the link or the application form entry with the rules for the cook-off. Deadline for the entry is on the Day of the Event itself at registration 11 am, 02/02/2020. However, pre-registered entries gets a free gift!

Everyone is invited to be one of the People’s Choice judge for only $3/person. You get two-(2)-oz-per-entry-tasting (which means if we have fourteen (14) entries like last year, you get (14) of the 2-oz mini cups for tasting – that’s 28 oz total per person, folks! PS: 2-oz = 1/4 cup)

Then! During the Superbowl Potluck Party, there will be Square Challenge Donation game (Square Sheet gets “rebooted” every new quarter), Guessing games, 50/50 Pot of Gold & Raffle Prize drawings.

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+  #YummySidesAndPotluckDishes 
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= One Great Time To Be Had By Everyone!!!!

Please click here or on the image below to view/download/print the flyer for the event.

Please click HERE for the RULES & GUIDELINES of the Chili Cook-Off.