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POST 32:                    It’s Bunco Time Every 3rd Sunday of the Month! – Published 03/01/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 31:                   March 2018 Family Night – Published 03/01/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 30:                 March 2018 Issue of our Monthly Newsletter SNORTER Now Available!  – Published 03/01/2018  (Post Archived)


POST 29:                 Feb. 10th – CPR & 1st AID Training  – Published 02/02/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 28:                Chub-N-Dales March Event is Cancelled!!! Dinner will still be served for only @ $10.  – Updated: 02/28/2018; Published 02/02/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 27:                 2018 Annual Sweetheart Ball — All tickets are PRE-SOLD, so get your tickets soon!   – Published 02/02/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 26:                February 2018 Family Night  – Published 02/02/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 25:             Saturday, February 3rd is Waldport Fightin’ Irish Boosters’ 2018 Annual Auction  – Published 02/02/2018  (Post Archived)


POST 24:            New Lodge Dinner Hours Starting February 2018 – Published 02/01/2018


POST 23:            February 2018 Issue of our Monthly Newsletter SNORTER NOW Available!  – Published 02/01/2018 (Post Archived)


POST 22:           January 2018 Issue of our Monthly Newsletter SNORTER Now Available!   – Published 12/30/2017  (Post Archived)


POST 21:           Deb Rheault Wins Waldport Moose Lodge’s 2017 Karaoke Contest  – Published: 12/9/2017  (Post Archived)


                            L-R: Jay RC, Ed, Cowboy Dave, Deb R, Johney & David


                           L-R: Jay RC, Ed,  Deb R, & David


                            L-R: (Judge) Ed, (Judge) Jay RC, (Sr Regent Pro-Temp) Patti Low, (Winner) Deb R, (Judge) David, and Moose KJ Ice.

POST 20:          2017 Waldport Moose Lodge New Year’s Eve Party with Live Band!  ***OPEN TO THE PUBLIC***   – Published 11/30/2017  (Post Archived)


POST 19:          2017 Waldport Moose Lodge Christmas Party  – Published 11/30/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 18:         2017 Moose Legion Christmas Party – Published 11/30/2017 (Post Archived)

POST 17:          Christmas Dinner Committee Requesting Donations & Seeking Volunteers  – Orig Published 11/30/2017; Updated 12/14/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 16:        December 2017 Issue of our Monthly Newsletter SNORTER Now Available! – Published 11/30/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 15:       Tuesday, Nov, 28th Change in WOTM Dinner Menu  – Published 11/26/2017  (Post Archived)

POST 15:      Karaoke Night 2017 Winners  – Published 11/19/17  (Post Archived)

Judges: The Revolution Band members: (L-R)
(Trish) Donnie, David & Ed
Third Set: (L-R)
Deb Rheault, Ryan Pankey, Rex Gross & Jim Richie

First Set: (L-R)
Doc Raun, Dawn Stokes, Dave Johnson & Johney Daibart

Second Set: (L-R)
Nellie Mae, Cowboy Dave, Loren Berry and MJ Gross

POST 14:     Tuesday Night Karaoke Winter Hours – Published 11/17/2017


POST 13:     Silent Auction during Family Night  – Published 11/16/17  (Post Archived)



POST 12:     PSA: Lodge Hours & NO BINGO on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 23rd 2017  – Published 11/11/17 (Post Archived)


POST 11:     Family Night (Open To The Public) – Published 11/10/2017 *Updated 11/17/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 10:    Thursday, Nov 14th Soup Dinner Menu  – Published 11/10/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 9:     Lodge Winter Dinners Hours – Published 11/10/2017 *Updated 11/17/2017


POST 8:     Waldport Lodge 2017 Karaoke Contest  – Published 10/26/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 7:   November 2017 Issue of our Monthly Newsletter SNORTER Now Available!  – Published 10/26/2017 *Updated 11/17/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 6:    Volunteers Needed for 2017 Community Christmas Dinner  – Published 10/18/2017  (Post Archived)

Update: Dec 13, 2017
We now have plenty of the side dishes & main entrees. Our remaining needs are for dessert items. Your donation of pies, cakes or dessert dishes would be greatly welcomed. Volunteers are still needed and you don’t have to be a Moose Member to be a volunteer. There will be a meeting of all volunteers on Tuesday, Dec 19th at 5:15pm at the Moose Lodge (instead of date previously posted). Or, if you can’t make the meeting, please call the Committee Chair, Eddie Mosteller on Friday, Dec 15th or any day after, but before Dec. 25th, to get your assignment BEFORE coming to help on Christmas Day, to avoid any confusion or overlaps. Also, for any donations, questions, comments or any concerns you may have, please call Eddie at ‭(541) 654-5643‬ or simply click on our “Call” Button on our FB Page:
Please keep sharing! Thank you so much! God bless!

*2017 Christmas Community Dinner Committee*

POST 5:   2017 Cradle for Charity Fundraising Drive – Published 10/11/2017  (Post Archived)


POST 4:   Annual Waldport Community Christmas Dinner 2017  – Published 10/11/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 3:  Bunco Sunday Afternoon Fun!  – Published 10/11/2017 (Post Archived)


POST 2:   Waldport Moose Lodge HALLOWEEN 2017 PARTY!  – Published 10/11/2017 (Post Archived)

POST 1:  The October Snorter 2017 is now available for download!  – Published 10/11/2017 (Post Archived)